05 April 2011

Unique (Just Like Everybody Else)

One of the guys at the campus film counter gave me the weirdest look when I told another employee under which name to find the prints I was picking up. He left me in suspense, swiveling pensively around in his stool for a few moments as the girl perused the files.

"I know an Emily Snow," he finally said, mystified. "But...it's not you."

This instance reminded me of other times this has happened—

A Hogi Yogi cashier: "But she lives in Virginia."
A high school substitute teacher: "I think you both just have one of those faces, too."
Online, written into a song.
In a children's book series (the illustration is also a little uncanny.)
And there's always at least one at family reunions, I swear.

Uniqueness is inevitably lost on me.

1 comment:

  1. The sentence that involved swiveling made me laugh out loud. It was good. Also, I'm dying to see your photos!

    And...Chris is still watching that Love You Tender music video. It's pretty hilarious.