26 July 2011

Hilary at the Lake (and on Film)


Crappy phone pictures of a weekend—

I went to Idaho for the weekend for this:
I was really blown away—musically, comically. It was a spectacular show and a beautiful night. The band is unbelievably talented, and Steve Martin is the coolest, of course. Don't believe me? Watch this. All of it. Or at least skip ahead to about 3:35. 

Watch the full episode. See more A Capitol Fourth.

22 July 2011

Another Camera

I found myself a refurbished one of these on Ebay a while ago and finally got around to developing my first roll of film from it. And you know what? I love film. Love it. There's something inexplicably tangible and beautiful about waiting for and thumbing through the prints, remembering all the moments you'd forgotten about photographing. Not to mention the sound of that shutter; for whatever (absurd) reason it's musical to me.

Part II

I love hustling across city streets and around corners firing off the Diana shutter without overthinking—you never know what you'll get.

20 July 2011

Seattle, Rendered by the Diana Mini

If you're looking for something spontaneous, something that will keep you constantly guessing and pleasantly surprised, consider getting yourself one of these cameras. It makes for a lot of interesting fun, especially on trips, and especially because it weighs next to nothing and requires no batteries. (I'd still like it even if it wasn't trendy.)

18 July 2011

Seattle, Rendered in Black & White

I didn't take as many digital photos as I could have on my Seattle trip between relishing every possible surrounding (with my actual eyeballs) and keeping up with my comrades and rotating through four different cameras. And today many of them looked at me from my computer monitor and demanded to be black and white, and just like that, I think they speak for themselves (although a couple of them boast stories perhaps I'll tell eventually.)

{find them and maybe more here}

12 July 2011

Where I've Been (When I Wasn't Blogging)

This lackluster collage is brought to you by my inability to patiently arrange photos nicely and my aunt's Facebook album. Unpillaged photos and actual written blog content soon to follow...