22 December 2011

Lately, on Film

Downtown Provo
December 2011
Canon AE-1


Last night we went up to Temple Square to see the lights, finally. By the time we found a parking spot it was snowing outside and there were people everywhere—but it was perfect. 

20 December 2011

12.17.2011 II

I was there, too. And my sister? She's a gem—you don't even know.

Never mind that every picture of myself has something to do with either making a face, asking for the camera back please, or a combination of the two.

19 December 2011

So raise a glass to turnings of the season—

Not sure how happy my dog was about being coerced out into today's lackluster attempts at snowfall, but I'm happy enough. I love wintry weather—it radiates this quiet luminscence onto and into everything outside. 

Don't Carry It All by The Decemberists on Grooveshark

14 December 2011

Currently loving:

How about we all just all dress like Beatles for the rest of winter?


Apparently this morning called for an absurd gathering of birds onto the roof of my neighbors' houses.

08 December 2011

From the archives:

These are a few forgotten photos from when I went to Seattle over the summer. I thought they deserved to be shared.

That bird was great, by the way. 

07 December 2011

11.26.2011 II

We met Young Magic, the opening band—they were pretty swanky, and they're from Australia, so...

02 December 2011

"For you have need of art.

     Art is an infinitely precious good, a refreshing and warming draught that restores the stomach and the spirit to the natural equilibrium of the ideal. You will understand its usefulness, you bourgeois—lawgivers or businessmen—when the seventh or eighth hour strikes and you bend your tired head toward the glowing embers of your hearth and the cushions of your armchair.
     Then a more fervent desire, a more active reverie, would relax you from your daily grind."

-Baudelaire, 1846