26 July 2012


Beginning a series of blog posts documenting my entire European experience is really, really daunting. I can't adequately describe how much I saw, learned, photographed, and (if I'm being honest) ate. Nor can I come close to adequately describing how much I loved it all. But I can't help wanting to share every bit of joy that I can possibly convey. Traveling part of the world was so fulfilling in so many ways: my eyes were opened and my passion for and understanding of art has transformed and increased in ways I really couldn't have imagined. 

I can't even tell you how lucky I am such a study abroad program even exists, and I'm especially lucky to have actually been accepted. There are even times I was probably lucky to survive the mental and physical pace I maintained all those weeks. Lucky isn't even the right word. Blessed seems more appropriate, because these kinds of experiences don't come by accident.

Most importantly I've learned that there is beauty to be found and knowledge to be gained everywhere and from everything. Throwing yourself into a new and exciting experience based on that mentality is an incredible thing (even when you're living in ten different budget hotels out of the world's tiniest suitcase.)

To be continued.

22 July 2012

To explain the hiatus.

6 countries, 21 cities, 38 museums, 10 cathedrals, and one pair of Chacos later:
There are dozens of stories and thousands more photos to come. 
But for now I can at least leave you with the short story version of my adventures here.