16 October 2013


Sorry I forgot about you, blog. (There's not much extra room for that in my brain this semester.)
Portland, Oregon
October 2013

01 July 2013


Within my first few minutes on Viennese ground: we're walking from the train station to our hostel. It's an unremarkable part of Vienna, and it's late at night. There's music playing across the street. Somebody says it kind of sounds like Beirut, and a few of us know what she's talking about, so we hurry through check-in and then back out across the street. It is Beirut, and it's a sold-out concert, so we just listen here. I take a few pictures, which mostly end up blurry in a way that remembers the moment perfectly.

29 June 2013

Horses in Mapleton

I don't really love horses. They intimidate me. But in photographs they are beautiful and expressive.
(Side note: I found out the hard way that the fence is electrified.)
Mapleton, Utah
June 28, 2013