31 May 2013


Congratulations on graduating high school, Hannah and Hilary! Watching you graduate made me so very proud (read: your graduation ceremony bought me some overdue quality time with Ernest Hemingway and a new high score on Drop 7.) Really, though, you were too adorable walking arm in arm. 

21 May 2013

5.18.2013 (Part II)

May 18, 2013
Utah Lake
(Because angsty self portraiture 
is kind of a guilty pleasure.)

18 May 2013


May 18, 2013
Utah Lake
Listening to The National and having 
the whole sunset all to myself.

13 May 2013


Dear Hilary and Hannah,

Happy birthday! I can't believe you're both already eighteen. Congratulations on becoming adults—and for staying just as cute as you are in this picture. 

12 May 2013


Happy Mother's Day—and belated birthday—to indisputably the most wonderful mother, friend, teacher, and human being.

10 May 2013


Dear Julia,

I remember when you were born. I was about to turn eight and I was so excited for another baby sister. I was hoping you would look like me—so that I could have a twin, too—and you did. (Except now, you're much more adorable than I am, and you're on your way to being taller.) I remember I listened to the White Album over and over again in my bedroom so that I could sing "Julia" to you as a lullaby without having to read the lyrics. 

Happy birthday, Julia Jo. You're my favorite thirteen-year-old in the world.